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New Shop Feature: Request for Quote

Along with many more news and updates to be expected for the coming weeks, we embedded a new feature for our online product portfolio. As from today you are able to directly request an individual quote for selected Kühling&Kühling products like the RepRap Industrial 3D printer from within the shop, please find the regarding button […]


Safe packaging for sound worldwide transportation

You may be considering placing your order for a Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D printer shortly – or already did so – and you’re unsure what to expect for the day of delivery? Packaging is important as it should guarantee safe transportation from our factory to your door, so we spent some effort in finding the […]


RepRap goes heavy craftsmanship

Believe it or not, we have hired just another employee and he is a blacksmith. Certainly this will not be his job at Kühling&Kühling, since his editorial skills and engineering knowledge will be of much more benefit … but if something ever needs hot bending, he’s the man. It has been his first task to […]


From Prototype to Production

After the typical time of pre-production, in which there is naturally little to report about outward visible successes and progress, we are back with an update on our RepRap Industrial 3D printer. Over the last few weeks we certainly must have experienced 90% of what is said to be the inevitable challenges a startup has […]


Dual-color printing (time lapse video)

Watch a time lapse video of our RepRap Industrial printing a large 3D two-color logo from magenta and black ABS plastic. With its dual extruder print head, the RepRap Industrial is capable of dual-color, dual-material and dual-nozzle-diameter configuration by default. All kits come with 6 easily interchangeable nozzle tips of multiple diameters (0.25, 0.35, 0.5 […]

FedEx Express Hybrid Vehicle, San Franciso

Yes, we do provide worldwide shipping

Well, at least to all destinations that are covered by our forwarder FedEx. Various questions on this topic reached us lately and I have good news for you international customers. Our shop system is able to identify your individual tax status as well as available shipping options by entering your desired shipping destination on the […]

FabCon 3.D

Meet us at FabCon 3.D – May 14/15, Erfurt (Germany)

Wow – seems like we hit the mark! Before launching the RepRap Industrial we actually haven’t anticipated such a rapid takeoff for our business, what an amazing experience! One of the most exciting aspects of the first week since begin of accepting pre-orders is the fact, that our customer profile turns out the be way […]


Zero warping (video)

Watch the RepRap Industrial printing an ABS-housing for the 10″ touch screen of our RasPi based RepRap controller. It’s quite a large part of approximately 180x150mm and all corners are sticking perfectly to the high performance polyetherimide print bed.