New Release: RepRap Industrial v1.1.0

The latest production run beeing finished in our factory these days already incorporates the most up-to-date features and improvements we developed over the past weeks for our Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D printer, hence the sources have been updated accordingly on our GitHub repository. Lucky you, in case you are currently waiting for your RepRap Industrial to arrive at your place – all shippings after today will already be of revision v1.1.0!

This can be considered a minor release as the core functionality and visual appearance stays the same as with v1.0.0, but in terms of efficiency, reliability and precision there have been major improvements nonetheless. Read the following excerpt from the changelog for the most important changes:

All new recirculating air heater design – now featuring compact custom resistor wire heating insert with approx. 20% increased output for quick preheating, and less heat capacity for faster cooldown sequence.
New print bed design – custom optimized heating panel, less weight yet higher stiffness of platform construction due to new aluminum sandwich material.
New print surface PEI composite material – now including carbon fiber fabric for less weight, less thickness thus more even heat distribution over the print area, increased stiffness for better dimensional stability over time.

Find the full release here.

Meanwhile there is also vital development going on regarding controller software and machine firmware with new features, important improvements and a few bug fixes. We will let you know for sure, as soon as there’s a software upgrade package available.

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